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What’s it like to start your WLF program?

First, schedule your initial consultation.

Then, Once you’re scheduled for the consult, we’ll have 45 minutes to discuss your goals and needs. During this time, we’ll get to know you and your body through a series of low-key assessments, and develop a plan based on your style of movement, which will prepare us for your training sessions. You’ll choose if you prefer in-home sessions, remote training, or to utilize a private gym in your area.

For remote training (any residents outside NYC) please see below, to the right-hand column.

Your first training session will be the greatest learning experience. Be ready to connect your body parts to the bigger picture, as we put together the information gathered in the consultation and apply it directly with functional movement. Some exercises will be muscle-building, some will be cardiovascular, and some will be a blend of both. After every session, you’ll walk out with a different body than you walked in, and with more knowledge on how to keep that body going strong even when you’re outside the gym.

After approximately 4 to 6 weeks, you will enjoy a greater sense of yourself and your capabilities, and reap the rewards of hard work and progress. Not only will you experience the physiological benefits of corrective exercise, but the aesthetic benefits as well!

You will also have a more developed understanding of yourself as a physical person. You'll develop a familiarity with yourself like none other: what movements or activities make you feel best, what alleviates chronic pain, and how strong you were all along.

From here, you'll choose to pursue training for the long-term, or opt for a biweekly or monthly check-in.

If you pursue regular training, all clients receive an additional free session with every purchase of 8 or more sessions. This comes super handy for follow-up consultations, to touch base on your goals and questions.

With the selection of a regular check-in, you will be able to purchase the .PDF of your personal exercise program, so that you may use it to track your progress and make notes for the next time we meet. This purchase will also unlock the benefit of ad libitum questions via email, text or phone.

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Aerobic & Metabolic Training
Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Weightlifting
Postural Kickboxing
Dance & Martial Arts Movement
Gymnastics & Calisthenics
Core Conditioning
Stability, Mobility, & Balance Coaching
Youth & Senior-Specific Programs


What form of payment do you prefer?

Cash, check, Venmo, or Zelle. Please submit your payment within 24 hours of your first scheduled session. (Except for consultations, which are complementary with every package.)



per single session
$495 per 4 sessions
$965 per 8 sessions*
$1815 per 16 sessions*


per single session
$270 per 4 sessions
$534 per 8 sessions*
$1012 per 16 sessions*


$300 for 3 sessions
1 consultation session =
$75 value per session!

*All renewals of 8 or more sessions
1 free additional session.


WLF has online options for your personalized fitness experience, using simple, easy-to-negotiate apps that you already know and love.

Once you’ve completed the initial consultation online, I’ll design your personal exercise program, and within 24 hours you should receive a .PDF in your email for “Your Name: X-Week Program.” (This goes according to the number of sessions you have purchased in advance, ie: an Introductory Package is a 3-Week Program, 4 Sessions is a 4-Week Program, etc.)

This program will contain a series of exercises, divided into weekly Progress Sheets, as your checklist. Every sheet has space for sets, reps, and notes on how the exercise felt during the experience.

This is where you have the freedom to complete the session on your own time, at your own pace, as long as you complete it within 24 hours of the assigned day. (For example, if the program says Monday/Wednesday/Friday, then you have until midnight on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to submit the completed sheet.)
Please use your phone or webcam to take one video of each exercise, and attach it to the email with your progress sheet. I will reply within 24 hours with written and video feedback.

At the end of your program, you will have the option to purchase the next set of sessions, or pursue a monthly/biweekly check-in route, during which you would purchase only the projected check-in sessions for the month.

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Are you eager to learn more about the human body in a focused, group-friendly environment? Try a WLF workshop to begin your journey to postural health and body awareness.

* Corporate and birthday options available.

90-minute seminar

How many times have you heard, “Engage your core!
How many times have you wondered, “Yes, but how?”
No more midsection mysteries. In this workshop you’ll receive hands-on training that will solve your connection to the anatomy of your abdominal system, with exercises targeted for specific areas that form this complex structure. Part study, part sweat, all fun!

Upcoming Workshops:

Past Workshops:

Remedy Massage
107 W 82nd St, Suite 108
2PM - 3:30PM

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